Owner Advisor Services

An Owner Advisor who understands the project objectives (from the Owner’s standpoint, typically cost, schedule, quality) and the project risks can provide unbiased expert advice in all matters relating to the construction and constructability of the project. The OA’s role is to facilitate informed decision-making by the Owner and rapidly issue resolution to mitigate project risks and clear a path for the Contractor and other stakeholders to meet those objectives in a non-adversarial collaborative manner.

The OA’s secondary role is to enforce strict schedule discipline and accountability by closely monitoring the progress of the work and providing continuous feedback to help the Contractor manage his critical path and conserve schedule float. We focus on flagging time-sensitive issues early to maximize the time available to stakeholders to implement effective solutions to recover lost time or avoid unnecessary delays or added cost. This is a critical role in managing the project outcome that many firms offering OA services ignore.

The ideal Owner Advisor Team consists of an on-site OA with high emotional intelligence, great people skills, and strong problem-solving skills backed by many years of relevant hands-on construction experience. This individual is supported on an as-needed basis by experienced contract management, scheduling and cost estimating resources. These resources can assist the on-site OA by providing opinions regarding contract interpretations, probable cost and time impact of changes, actual progress of the work and trends measured against the schedule baseline, and detect of schedule logic errors and manipulation.

Regardless of a project’s complexity, HC Data Centers’ experience and expertise allow us to provide comprehensive OA services throughout the entire project life cycle.